The Four Types You Will Meet Travelling

  1. The visualisers

Those wanderers who are always looking up and around at objects or people. They want to see the beauty of the world. They are able to find beauty in anything. They will judge people by their actions, and will immediately like or dislike people from what they see. You will never have a dull moment with these people at the exploration of historical sites or events like the Full Moon Party (they will be the artists who ask to paint your body). These people love to stand out and focus on how they appear physically to others.

  1. The listeners

The listeners are those who place their main attention on the sound of things. They will choose friends based on their accents, and will often want to meet people from all over to listen to their stories and learn more about the world this way. They will also love to sing and will enjoy going to listen to music, or going to the clubs. They find comfort in the sound of music. Your life will never be quiet with these people around.

  1. The feelers

They are the more spiritual people and will base friendship on how somebody feels. They judge auras and base things on their intuition. You will always feel as if you matter with these people around, as they will always be concerned with your well-being. They will not want you to feel uncomfortable. You may find that these people will allow you to get more in touch with your own feelings.

  1. The thinkers

These people have travelled so that they can learn more about the world. They like to think everything through and wonder about the mysteries of the world. You will find that they know a lot about the world, and that you are able to learn a lot from them. They will be the type of people who will drag you along with them to museums or historic sites, just to learn more. However, they will also be the type to study everybody around them, and make opinions of them.


Some people are a mix of these, but in general people tend to lean more one way or the other.


Safe travels!

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