10 Things About Milan

  1. Perfect weekend break city

The atmosphere in this beautiful city is wonderful. It is so relaxed and there are so many things to do. Italy is an incredible country. There are many low cost airlines that fly to Milan.


  1. Restaurants

Italian food is world famous, but there is no better than authentic. There are many great restaurants with the most perfect surroundings. Milan really is food heaven. The city covers people on all budgets with a wide range of restaurants.


  1. Bars

If you would like to have a few cocktails, you can also have Aperitivo, which is a buffet of food laid out for customers. There are many different bars and clubs in Milan, including an open top bar with dancers and a DJ. Milan has a selection of everything, so whatever you feel like doing, you can.


  1. Cafes

Cafes are wonderful for breakfast especially, with a wide selection of pastries. If you are a coffee fan, you will be sure to find the best coffee in Milan.


  1. Go shopping

As it is a fashion capital, it may be rude not to. Even if you do not want to buy anything, the shops are definitely worth a visit. They have the most beautiful designer and high street shops near the Duomo.


  1. The Duomo

This is the most iconic building of Milan. There lines are definitely worth the wait. The best way to see the Duomo and Milan is to climb the Duomo. This is such an incredible experience. It is a great way to get the best photographs.


  1. Museums

There are many brilliant museums in Milan that you may not get the chance to see them all. Therefore it is best to have a look online before you go to know what you would like to see the most.


  1. The castle

The caste is beautiful. Often they have bands or orchestras playing in the centre. Milan is rich in history.


  1. The Park

You could easily spend a whole day here. You can walk it, or rent and ride a bike around it. It is huge and very beautiful.





  1. Architecture

Milan has some of the most beautiful buildings. Make sure you look up when you are walking through the streets.



Safe travels.


Photo Credit: Chantal Elizabeth Speed.


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