10 Things to do in Oslo, Norway

  1. Wrap up warm

If you plan to go in the winter, make sure that you take plenty of layers. The temperature can reach minus 24 degrees. Take a warm coat, thick socks, thermals, a hat, gloves, and warm boots. Sometimes it is so cold that it is hard to breathe, so take something to cover your face such as a scarf or snood will be beneficial. Do not let this put you off, however, the snow is stunning.

DSCN0523 (2).JPG

  1. Enjoy the beauty 

Oslo is sublimely beautiful. Words will simply not do it justice. You have to see it yourself. Norwegian people are so friendly and accommodating. You will feel very welcome there.


  1. Enjoy the food

There is nothing better than eating Salmon that is freshly caught that day. Salmon is my favourite, and I have never eaten better Salmon than in Oslo. The restaurants are incredible in Oslo. The food is definitely a huge plus to visiting.


  1. Have alcoholic beverages

A lot of people go to Norway without knowing that the price of alcohol is a lot more than in other countries. So be aware of this if you like to drink.


  1. Visit the bookshops

If you are a book worm then you will be pleased to know that the bookshops are amazing in Oslo. They even have sections of books that are in English. This includes history books that are in English also.

  1. Go to the Viking Museum

This is a definite must see for anybody visiting Oslo. Do not leave without going. Viking history is fascinating. Inside the museum they have an actual Viking longboat, and the skeleton of a warrior who died in battle. It also features many of the things the Vikings used for their everyday lives. There are also many wonderful museums that are worth visiting.


  1. Enjoy the live music

There are many bars that have live music most nights of the week. So whenever you happen to be there, you will be able to sample some live music. Most of it is actually in English, too. There is something for everyone to do in Oslo.


  1. Visit the Palace

The Palace is beautiful. You are able to walk around the grounds. When I was there it was snowing, but they also had snow machines which created huge snow piles for children to sled on.


  1. Go shopping

The shops there are really great. There are plenty of them. So, too, are the coffee shops within the shopping centres. It truly is a place with something for everybody.


  1. Getting yourself around

It is very easy to get around Norway with the trains, trams, taxis and buses. As you can see from the photo with my dad, the views are also incredible from the trains.


Safe travels!

Photo credit: Chantal Elizabeth Speed

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