10 Things to do in Zacatecas, Mexico

  1. Discover a hidden treasure

It is absolutely beautiful. Something to put on your list of places to visit. It is not something that would stand out for the average holiday maker unless you was to dig a little deeper into places to see in Mexico. Many Mexican people take trips to Zacatecas, which is how I came to know of it.

IMG_20172. Go to the historic centre

Zacatecas is an incredible historic city. This Spanish Colonial city is the capital and largest city in Zacatecas state. It has been known as Zacatecas since the mid-sixteenth century. It was known to the natives for 10,000 years before.

IMG_19893. Discover the silver mine

The town has a silver mine. This means that you are able to purchase a lot of silver jewellery at a lower cost. There are many silver shops with some of the most beautiful jewellery. It is well known that this city sells beautiful silver.

4. Go to Museo de la Inquision

This museum is wonderful. You are taken through the history of the Spanish Inquisition with a lot of visual evidence of torture instruments. The tour is given in Spanish, so if you want to know what is being said, then make sure you either speak Spanish or have a translator. Otherwise, it is worth a trip just to see it all anyway. There is even a mummified priest in there. Disclaimer – you must have a strong stomach!

IMG_20225. Visit the beautiful cathedral

In the centre of the town is a pink stone cathedral. It is incredibly beautiful. It is interesting to visit whether you are Catholic or not. Right outside the cathedral there are people who offer a theatrical tour through the city on a bus, and then they finish up with a play.

IMG_19906. Take in the old town beauty

If you are a fan of architecture, then this town will have a strong appeal. It felt a little Italian in a way, but there is a distinct Spanish feel to this Mexican town. There are many beautiful restaurants and bars that have been opened in historical sites. Including a cellar bar – it is hidden, so go find it!

7. Go to Cerro de la Bufa

You are able to get to the top by either walking, driving or getting a taxi. It is well worth the trip. The views are amazing. There are also many trinket shops up there.

8. See the El Cubo Aqueduct

While you are in the city, they are definitely something to admire. We stayed in a hotel right next to it, which was wonderful.

IMG_2035.JPG9. Stay at the Quinta Real Zacatecas

This is the beautiful hotel we stayed in. It used to be a bull fighting plaza before it was a hotel. The restaurant is beautiful and it overlooks the courtyard. The rooms are beautiful, and come with a Jacuzzi bath. Our room also faced a courtyard. The room service is wonderful, and you are able to have the nicest breakfast. The menu is in both Spanish and English.

10. Visit the Gonzalez Ortega market

This is a great market to visit. There are many different shops inside, such as a confectionary shop. There are also various markets stalls within the city where you can purchase many different types of trinkets, confectionary, and jewellery.


Safe travels!

Photo credit: Chantal Elizabeth Speed

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