Parras: A Beautiful Northern Mexican Town

Cancun would be one of the first places that comes to mind to visit in Mexico. Although Cancun is amazing, there are many other places that are worth seeing. One of them is Parras, where I took a day trip with my boyfriend, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend (la comadre).

Here are the things you can expect from a visit to Parras:


  1. The oldest winery in Latin America

Casa Medero is definitely worth a visit. It is actually the oldest winery in the Americas. The tour is given in Spanish, but there is so much to see while you are there. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend translate everything for me (I am currently learning Spanish). The winery is rich in history, which involves a King in the old world. Take the tour to find out more about it.


  1. Church on a hill

Even if you are not religious it is a great place to see. The walk to the top is well worth the effort, if you are able to do so. The height provides an incredible view of the entire town. I went in January, and I was told that it is much more beautiful in the summer when it is greener. Unfortunately the church was not open when we got to the top.

3.  Photos

If you are a photographer or just enjoy photography then it will be well worth the visit. It is a quaint town.

  1. Breakfast in Parras

There are a lot of wonderful places to have breakfast. We had ours in a beautiful hotel. It was relaxed and quiet on a Monday in January, but it is much busier of a weekend and during peak times. We all had traditional Mexican breakfasts. The most wonderful thing about eating out in Mexico is that they expect you to take a while, as eating is a social thing. Therefore, you can take time to relax and unwind.

  1. Horse riding

Whether you are an experienced rider or would just like to go slowly to take in the view, you will have fun. The only thing to note is that you must wear a horse riding hat. We did not wear them, which is dangerous. Even if it did feel like I was in a Western.


  1. For animal lovers

When I was finished with my ride, I went into the field with the ponies and horses and that was amazing. I was able to get close to a seven month foal. If you are an animal lover, this is definitely one part of Parras you should take advantage of.


  1. A good day out

Parras is a wonderful place to go for a day out, as we did. It is good to go as a couple, or two couples, or in a group. A great place for bonding exercises. The four of us had a great time.


  1. Summer time

Parras, I have been told, is even better in the summer. If you happen to be in northern Mexico, make sure you give it a visit.


Safe travels!


Photo credit: Chantal Elizabeth Speed


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