Backpacking May Not Be For You

  1. A rucksack is heavy

Even if you manage to pack light to begin with you will find that the longer you are travelling the more you pick up, and the heavier the bag is going to be. The weight can cause a lot of problems, and a lot of discomfort. There is no way around that.

  1. It can be exhausting

It can be tiring on both the mind and body. You will require time to relax in order to recuperate. However, the backpacker lifestyle is to be on the road, going from place to place. It can catch up to you. Make sure you are looking after yourself.

  1. You may not like the food

Not liking food can be a big problem. If you are not getting the right nutrients your body needs then it can cause a lot of problems for you. It can affect your health. Ensure you maintain a balanced diet, as much as you possibly can. It is important.

  1. Uncomfortable beds

Some people can deal with sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, but others, like me, cannot. One place in Thailand had wood in the mattress. Another had the most solid mattresses I have ever laid on. Make sure you do your research before you stay anywhere.

  1. It can be stressful

There is a lot to deal with. Travelling is not just all carefree living. Especially if you are travelling with another person. Since it is not just yourself that you have to think about. Therefore, you need to give yourself some time to think and reflect.

  1. It is a rough life

It is not easy at all. The idea is so different from the reality. You will face things that you never even thought of. Research works wonders for your knowledge base, but even research cannot prepare you for how you will feel about things.

  1. Cutting it short is not failing

If you decide that the backpacker life is not for you, then that is absolutely fine. Your happiness is the most important thing. Do not stick at something that is making you miserable. Do not compare yourself to others who seem to take the lifestyle in their stride. Do what is best for you.


Travelling should be a fun experience. So choose what is best for you.

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